Senior pictures in the Mountains :: Geyser, MT by Loni Judisch Fine Art

I love traveling places to shoot photos- it is especially important to pick a fresh new place that I haven’t been before in order to keep the images not only original but completely tailored to the individual. With these photos I had the opportunity to go to Geyser with my relatives, the Feisthamels on their land. We took a winding gravel road to a mountain where we had to off road all the way to the top. It was June and completely beautiful, thick grass, Balsam root flowers, pink, purple, and white blossoms everywhere plus the most unique jack pine trees I’ve seen- it reinstated my belief that June is the best month of the year to take photos in Montana…and it helps when you decide to take them on a mountian top. Please enjoy the ‘epic’ photos below.




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