Senior Guy Session :: by Loni Judisch near Conrad, MT

I love helping those who say they ‘don’t need much’ for senior photos. In most cases male seniors opt to do less- as in minimal outfit changes, one simple location and they want it done quick. However, I like everyone to have access to a ‘nice’ senior pic of themselves. I still talk with them over the phone, I still want them to bring a lo tof option is they can for outfits however- I help them select just a few and we are off an running. I keep it light, silly and I give a lot of feedback and show them how they are doing.  A Senior Mini is usually scheduled out of the busy season in the fall, winter or even spring eeek! They are private sessions mostly given to clients who are willing to come my way a bit.

Here are a few pics that were taken with in 40 min.Hope you like.


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