Country Boy Senior Pictures :: near Conrad & Shelby , MT :: by Loni Judisch Fine Art

I had the opportunity to shoot for a family member again, Clark is a second cousin to my husband and is following in his footsteps to MSU Bozeman to play Division 1 Football for the Bobcats. We will hopefully make a game or two since our 6 year old son thinks Clark is the most important person in the entire family- true story, he wrote about it in a a report at school.

We took some images during Summer on a smokey day and some in the Fall. I can split senior sessions sometimes with my highest print package, that way the senior can get muliple looks  of different seasons.

If you have time scroll through these images.
CJ-8ybCJ-20CJ-62CJ-65CJ-72CJ-92CJ-99CJ-115CJ-139CJ-143CJ-160CJ-12CJ-24CJ-51CJ-68CJ-89CJ-101CJ-105CJ-163CJ-181My little guy Leiko with his cousins that he idolizes, Clark & Clint.

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