Hello there!

Thanks for taking the time to view my about page. If you aren’t already familiar with me, let me tell you- I’m crazy busy (isn’t everyone?) and when I’m not busy I grab my phone, start looking at Pinterest and then find some labor intensive project to make myself busy again. Now I’m convinced I can fully remodel our camper, repaint our shop, learn how to do calligraphy, organize my garage and still cook amazing meals with perfect ease…. I think you and I both know this is nuts. What can I say I’m a doer, a maker and I just can’t sit around.

Still here? A while back I used to be a collegiate athlete and run fast… ( some locals know me this way still), now I chase my kids around, take them to school, baseball or whatever it is they are in: gymnastics, basketball, soccer, swim lessons etc. I don’t do much for myself ( shout out to the Moms out there) but I’m going to some day soon – maybe start running again?? LOL! Or maybe I’ll just mow the lawn, do laundry, eat brownies and call it even.

Through all the crazy I do however have a very chill & relaxing shooting style… maybe a tad silly…okay a lot silly- but how am I supposed to get those smiles?? For real though, I think having your photos taken shouldn’t be stressful and should be planned out enough to feel nice and breezy the day of the shoot. I’m always trying to find more ways to be helpful to my clients.

I specialize in Seniors but I love Family & Children’s portraits and Local Weddings as well. I shoot everywhere so just ask if I’m available in your area.

My education :: B.S. Business Administration and B.A. in Fine Art,  from the University of Montana in Missoula, MT.

Where I’m located:: I live on the family ranch east of Conrad, MT ( North of Great Falls).  We run a lot of cattle, but have a few chickens or a duck too 😉 I’d love to add an alpaca & a mini pony but my husband disagrees 😉 I guess my dreams of a petting zoo at my place are crushed.

I love what I do, I feel so blessed to live my life creating memories for others. Life is beautiful- let me be the person to capture the beauty in your life because the best things in life aren’t things!’

Talk soon!

Loni Judisch


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